#106321 Qualified PHP Backend Engineer Closed

  • Long term (more than 6 months)

  • Business domain - SAS platform for enterprise customers
  • Development - support, refactoring, adding new features
  • Direct hiring contract with the client after a few months of the trial period on a subcontract basis
  • Full-time workload, 100% remote, long-term duration (at least 1 year)
  • Project start date - ASAP
  • Minimum 2 hours of overlap with the CDT time zone is needed
  • Hiring process - 2 stages (interview with the client + live coding and perhaps follow up a final conversation)

We offer you a full-time Senior PHP Backend Engineer role to continually improve the performance, stability, and security of the client's platform while delivering new features and improvements that their customers want. This position is remote, so all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Technical competencies:
  • PHP wizard (working with PHP for at least 6-7 years)
  • You have written or have contributed considerably large PHP application(s)
  • You enjoy working with PHP and are extremely comfortable with it. You understand its value to the web ( powering 75%+ )
  • You have written all sorts of PHP code for JSON REST APIs, database models, API integrations, queue processing, and other low-level systems
  • 3+ years experience building and operating SaaS applications You are used to working on hosted software applications receiving 3K+ requests per minute and storing millions of records
  • You are used to working on applications with a tiered architecture
  • You are used to managing and implementing advanced caching techniques, event streams, queues, background jobs, sidecar services, etc
  • 3+ years MongoDB & MySQL experience
  • You have worked with production MongoDB & MySQL databases
  • You have written lots of PHP code that interacts with these databases
  • Strongly comprehends the systems necessary to deliver backend requests
  • Linux/Ubuntu experience and skills are strong enough to set up the tools needed to deliver PHP applications
  • Fluent English level

Behavioral competencies:
  • curious: You have a growth mindset, especially in the desire to grow through learning. The more you know about the platform the greater your contribution and impact will be.
  • outcome-driven: You take pride in your work. You own the outcome. You think with the end in mind. You “figure it out”.
  • details matter: You don’t really on others to always feed you every detail. As one that owns outcomes, you work hard to suss out the details necessary to deliver the proper outcome.
  • adaptable: This role requires moving quickly in some areas and slowly in others. It requires deep thought on a new feature one day and then quick turnarounds another day. Some development will be brand new code and other work will be in low-level code that cannot be changed quickly. You must be comfortable with different work contexts. This is not the role of someone that JUST writes new code.

Tech Stack:
  • Technical Overview of the Architecture: LEMP stack backend that is almost 100% REST API. Separated git repo powers SPA frontend written in Vue/Vuex
  • Network: Cloudflare
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean
  • Backend Lang: Mostly PHP, some Node, and Cloudflare Workers
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, Rockset (for data lake)
  • Git Hosting: Gitlab (some Github)
  • CI/CD: buddy.works (self-hosted)

All the tools you need to be super productive:
  • Docker - docker-compose for dev environments
  • Notion for project management, issue tracking, collaboration
  • Teleport for machine access
  • New Relic for application & infrastructure monitoring
  • Ably - real-time, pub/sub
  • Mux - video hosting
  • Ansible - configuration and environment provisioning

I'd really love to receive your reply and arrange a brief call for you to discuss it in more detail:
  • Gmail: aa@aogexperts.com
  • Telegram: @a_rtischeva
  • Skype: live:.cid.d737d5d55585552d

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • SAS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

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